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How Now Media

Atlanta | Georgia


How Now Media is a production and design company that leverages its expertise in digital media to create meaningful products and interfaces.

HNM’s core competencies include new media content packaging and product development.

Our work exhibits transformative concepts, medium specificity, recurring aesthetics, and unique production techniques.


How Now Media specializes in providing small businesses with turnkey website solutions. Simply choose between our ‘one-page’ and ‘slider’ templates, provide us your highest-quality images, and send us the text you want on each page.

Our most basic solution costs $2000, plus $15/month for dedicated, SSL-encrypted hosting.

Add our licensed social media software to your website for an extra $200 (a one-time fee). We’ll automatically publish your social media posts to the page or section of your choice, so you don’t have to worry about updating content through the website itself.